Karl Lagerfeld for Macy´s

Chanel´s own Karl Lagerfeld has designed an exclusive collection for warehouse Macy´s!

This special collection has 45 pieces (like dresses, shorts and blouses) and will cost only between 35 and 120 euro´s!!

The selling will start (online) at Macy´s from August the 31th.

See some pics of this collection here! 

What's up with these scary skinny models though?..:S

Grab a bite to eat please!


4 opmerkingen:

Charlie zei

I like the outfits! Think I'll take a look at Macy's site!
Love, Charlie

Have a look at my new post, about an upcoming give away!

Luisa T. zei

It is an amazing collection can't wait for 31st august :)


Luisa T. zei

You have a tag on my blog:


Eva zei

@Louisa: Cool! I'm gonna make a list to ;D Thanks! Xxx

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