H&M spring collection 2012

Winter still has to come, but the fashionworld is already focussed on next season. H&M gave us a glimp of their spring/summer 2012 collection. My favourites are the creamy white leather skirt and sleeveless jacket. What are yours?..

Foto's from fashionscene:

5 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

ik vind zelf ook alleen dat witte jackje leuk ;D

Eva zei

Ik vind die roze en oranje enkellaarsjes ook wel erg leuk. En de blauwe broek met het paarse shirt ook ;) Xoxo

Veronique zei


laura_fash zei

That lime green dress!!! And all the purple pieces :)

Kimberley zei

The white knit jumper and the blazer! can't wait till spring! Enjoy your weekend sweet!

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