Stylefile: Elin Kling

Elin Kling has been running Scandinavia's largest fashion blog -Style by Kling- since 2007 and has been very successful as a fashion editor, stylist and even a designer (H&M, Nowhere) since then! She inspires fashionbloggers all over the world. 

She describes her style as wearable, androgynous, and strategic. For Kling, it's all about starting with a simple foundation (like a basic knit top with jeans or a mini skirt) and then incorporating that one statement piece (think: a plaid scarf or killer pair of heels) to really personalize the look.
(Read her interview with here).


8 opmerkingen:

Simone van den Heuvel zei

Love Eva's fashion feeds!

Eva zei

@Simone: vind ik leuk ;D

Laura_Maradam zei

I love love love love Elin!!!!!


I love love love her!! X

Kimberley zei

I'm fan!
xoxo kimberley |

CheckMyFashion zei

Ik geef je 100% gelijk. Zij is een echte inspiratie voor alle fashionistas onder ons. Love the pictures you found of her



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Nina zei

Leuke inspiratie doe ik op/ Ben zeker fan!

Angelica zei

love her

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