Beauty Update #1

I thought it would be nice to do some beauty updates once in a while. Feel free to share your beauty tips & tricks here as well!

#MUSTHAVE make-up: gel eyeliner  

Like Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

With eyeliner gel you will get that perfect smooth eyeliner! It will cost you a little bit of practice, but you will never get this perfect line with a regular pencil. Watch here how Dutch fashionblogger ModeRosa applies her eyeliner! Her make-up always looks flawless.

#BEAUTY FAVOURITE: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine
For soft and healthy lips

I always use these lipsticks and i think they are just perfect! These semi-transparant stick gives a beautiful subtle colour to the lips, without drying them out or make them to glossy. 

They cause no irritation which is very important to me, because i'm allergic to al lot of make-up brands. They cost around 28 euro's each.

#BUDGET tip: HEMA eyebrowkit
For beautiful brows like Megan Fox

You should really try using eyebrow powder. It has a great natural effect. This eyebrowkit from Hema costs less then 4 euro's, but for me it's the best. It has 3 colours, 2 applicationtools and it will last a long time.

#MUSTHAVE hair: Biosilk Shine-on spray  
For shiney silkey hair.

Use this handy Biosilk shiney spray before you style your hair against heat protection or after for shiney, silky hair. It's great! It costs around 20 euro's but it will last for months. (available at Douglas)

#MUST-TRY: Messy hair
Like Cindy from COTTDS.

Have you tried the volume powder from Taft yet? (men or women). It's very affordable (about 5 euro's) and will create that perfect messy hair look! Apply the powder at the roots of your hair, it also works like a 'dry shampoo' refreshment.

#BEAUTY TIP: Silk pillows
For a real beauty-sleep.

Silk pillows are gentle for your hair and skin and leave no sleep creases and hairknots in the morning. (other then cotton pillows that draw moisture from your hair and skin). Besides that, silk breathes, is hypoallergenic and feels so soft!

Dutch online shop sells real silk pillows (medium 17,95 euro or large 19,95 euro) in all kinds of colors!

#MUSTHAVE perfume: Elie Saab le perfume
A feminine & mysterious new fragrance

I love this new perfume from designer Elie Saab. The fragrance notes are: orange blossom, jasmine, cedarwood, patchouli, rose honey. The price for a bottle of 30 ml is 45 euro's.

#MUST-SEE beauty: Lina Sandberg
Lina is a 20 year-old international model from Sweden and fashion editor for Metro. I think she is so beautiful! Follow her blog here:

#LOVINGIT: Ombré hair trend
Like Drew Barrymore

Still loving this ombré hair-trend! To see more pictures of ombré looks click here. You want this hairstyle like Drew? Never do it yourself, There is a technique for it. It's called balayage and it's not easy to do. 

Research a hairdresser that is known for it. Be sure to stress the words "natural", "sun-kissed" and "no streaks".

#HOWTO: sunkissed wavey hair
Like Cheyenne from

Tuck the front behind your ears while it's drying, so you get that natural wave right around your face. After drying, starting from the bottom up take small one inch pieces and quickly use your fingers to twirl it around a 1 inch curling iron

For more messy looking waves just twist your hair around and hold for a few seconds. Make sure you are curling in the direction away from your face. To make it piecey and beachy though, spray Beach Blow through it and shake it around.

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danielle zei

maybelline's gel liner is awesome. that's what i use!

MissGlamCat zei

Ik ga de chanel lipstick proberen!

Eva zei

Ja moet je zeker doen! Je gaat er geen spijt van krijgen :) Ik vind de kleuren Aventure en Monte Carlo erg mooi. Xoxo

Emily. zei

thanks so much for your lovely comment :) of course we can follow eachother! i love your blog :)

following now!


Andrea zei

ahh i want some of those chanel lipsticks :D

Didi zei

Ik hou ook echt van Ombre haar! En die beachy waves vind ik ook heel mooi! Alleen is mijn haar zo stijl als wat..

Loreleid zei

Hi darlihng! following you now via GFC, don't forget to do the same! Kisses x

Evey zei

Die eyeliner ziet erg handig uit!

Floortje zei

Super post! Ga zo door meid!

Miss Delirium zei

I use Maybellines gelliner too, i love it! :) also loving biosilk oil and eyebrow powder, i have a great kit from Model Co.

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