2011: my blogyear overview

It's a Fashionable New Year! And exactly 1 year since i started this blog, with lots of joy.

Lately I haven't been posting on my blog as regulary as I would like (because other stuff takes a lot of my time right now), but in 2012 I want to change that by posting more outfitpics, inspirationposts, fashiontrends and beautystuff.

Let's do a quick overview of 2011:

I did some outfitpics (new shoot coming up)

I had 3 Give-Aways (more coming up!)

I hosted the Nelly High Heels event in Monza Utrecht and i did an inside-my-wardrobe for Alyzo fashionnews.

 I wrote several Fashion newsarticles for Followfashion.nl and Hyki.nl

My favourite fashionblogger of 2011 was Chiara Ferragni! And my favourite Dutch blogger was Cindy van der Heyden (COTTDS).

My favourite beautyproducts of 2011 were Biosilk shine-on silk spray, Chanel Coco Rouge Shine and Elie Saab perfume.

Some of my favourite trends of 2011 were ombré hair, sequins, Waterfall draped jackets, coloured clutches, chokers and cuffs.

Thanks everyone for supporting and visiting my blog and i hope u will continue to do so in 2012!:)

I'm looking forward to spring and summer of 2012 already!
(Thank god i have some months left to get in shape..;)

And what about the Dutch Vogue! That's really exciting. Dreaming already of making my career there someday...;)

11 opmerkingen:

linlicious zei

love your blog!
follow eachother?

Eva zei

Thanks! I'm following u now ;) xoxo

Kimberley zei

Super leuke post honey! keep up the good work

Anoniem zei

Ga zo door! Je hebt echt een hele leuke blog n_n

Fashionisaparty.com (Suz) zei

graag gedaan ;)

Eva zei

Thanks Kim, Linda & Suzanne :D

Whitney zei

Wat een super leuke post!

Xoxo Whitney

Phuong zei

leuke recap! enjoy blogging in 2012!

Travel in Style

Loreleid zei

You have a great blog! I would love it if we could follow each other x


Andrea zei

lovely post! your blog is great!

MissGlamCat zei

eindelijk weet ik hoe ik je blog moet volgen!
Leuke post!

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